Customer references

Piet brings along colleagues (and by that), achieves together with colleagues desired objective (and by that), increase customer satisfaction.

Piet has broad project experience in all levels in which he combines engineering with project management. Therefore Piet picks up quickly and he is successful in realizing the project.

Immune to stress, planning and capable to find a way out

Piet is flexible, stays productive when the workload is high. He proceeds carefully. He plans, organizes, operates figures and writes scenarios to identify and take care of risk.

Piet’s just a very nice guy to work with.

Piet is open and honest and goes relationships with people from a genuine positive intention. He gives attention to the people in projects and departments. Piet is regularly on the project location to manage the project. Piet puts a lot of effort into building and maintaining good customer relationships and ensures that the customer is informed optimally at all times.

Passionate and committed to deliver quality

Energetic as he is, Piet feels at home in a dynamic project environment. Piet likes challenges and is often hired in projects where all frames have yet to be put. He is focused on developing and creating an environment where employees are challenged to pick out new things and develop themselves.